Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was reading my blog feed when I came across this 6x6 meme on Stitches of Violet. This lovely lady make amazing sweaters in what seems like no time at all. I thought it was interesting and off to flickr I went.

rules: go to your 6th folder and pick the 6th picture and post it. Hope you remember the details and tag 5 others. (Do not worry I am not going to tag anyone, feel free to tag yourself)

So here is mine.

Where they get it from

A picture of Hubby back during baseball season this year. I had brought my camera and was trying to get "nice and normal" pictures of everyone. Yeah that does not happen in this family. All the kiddies kept making funny faces. I tried to get a picture of Hubby and sure enough he made a face too! =)

I so love him!



Marguerite said...

Great picture. Glad you had fun with the meme.

AMalwayswriting said...

haha thanks so much -- you'll be quite proud of me. This weekend I made two scarves, a pillow, and a penguin (the penguin, not the greatest thing I've ever done but when I have more time I'm going to perfect that art.) Anyways, the scarves came out so great... one of them was for my boyfriend. And now I'm making a baby blanket. Of course you could have easily read this all on my actual blog but I was very excited to tell you. I showed my boyfriend some of your work and he was impressed. One day I may be able to knit like you... one day!! haha