Monday, January 4, 2010

My oldest WIP is now no more

Because it is now a FO. It is a pillow with a Superman symbol ( that
took me forever to chart. This was before I realize what you can do on
the Internet for knitting). It was started 4 years ago for my
Superman. Yes Honey I am talking about you ; ). The yarn is Red
Heart. I started this before I knew that you could buy yarn other the
Michael's or Joann's. Ah how things have changed. The pillow measures
in at about 20 by 20 inches. Love you honey!!


mom said...

very nice, honey. i hope your honey appreciates it...
love mom

SDQuilter said...

Great Superman! I am proud! You are off to a terrific start in 2010 already and we have only just begun. Are you going to try and finish one WIP every month? You could be done in what? March? I only have two and if I could get these darn socks done, the sweater could get finished this month and I could start a couple of more....