Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very sad frogging

I have been on a WIP kick ( and Lynn I have many many wips). I pulled
out my son's sweater that I started I think 4 years ago. I have pulled
it out here and there and made changes to fit my growing like a weed
boy ( seriously he outgrows clothes before they wear out he is 8) Well
this time I pulled it out grabbed my son and measured to see how much
I needed to do. Sad thing is it is not going to fit him no way. The
body is way to small and I can not get the sleeve around his arm. I
have made so many changes along the way that even if it did fit I
think it would really wonky. He was a little upset when I told him
that the sweater wouldn't fit. He asked if I could just make it in a
bigger size. I of course am going to. I just need to buy yarn for it.
I do not have enough of the yarn to remake a larger size. Heck I am
not even sure I have enough to finish this size. This was started back
in the day when I was still learning how to judge how much yarn for

I am a little upset too. I still remember him asking for this sweater.
He was four and asked so sweetly. You will get you sweater my sweet
boy. I promise


mom said...


love the mom and the boy!!

love, mom

Aunty said...

I am very proud of you for going back to wips that old. But you see what happens when you wait so long? Tsk, tsk.

I know you will get more yarn and make a beautiful sweater for young Skywalker. Can't wait to see it.

smoochies to all

SDQuilter said...

That is a story to jerk the heart strings. So, you have more than two or three, huh?