Monday, September 29, 2008

20 days

Ok I think I just broke my own record of number of days with out a post. I am alive and we all are ok now. The day after my last post Hubby went and got himself hurt. Nothing really serious. A fun trip to the ER and what turns out to be a badly sprained MCL. So while he went stir crazy I was trying to do everything and then I got sick which of course tells the RA the it is time to kick my butt. Yeah it has been fun.

I actually did knit a little and spun a little and sewed a little. I wanted to show the socks I finished but alas camera battery is dead. I thought having a rechargeable battery would be better then going through a mountain of AA's but the rechargeable only works with a charge. I am planning on tomorrow. I have lots to show so I think I will start with the socks and then just catch up from there.

Hope everyone is well


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Karen said...

Oh no - sorry to hear things have been so icky. I hope you are all feeling much better. And I look forward to see what you've been knitting and spinning up!