Monday, September 1, 2008


Kevin Hat. Yep this is like number 10 or abouts. The only thing different is I tried to follow the pattern I wrote, which turned out pretty hard to do. I have made so many that it is pretty much ingrained in the memory. I think I have all of the bugs out, of course I actually have to type it up now = )

kevin hat

I employed Skywalker to model for me. Turns out he has a pretty big head and except for the length it fit him. That picture took about 10 tries. He would not stop moving.

my little poser

Here he is all bad like = ) I laughed when he did this pose, so I had to include it for the family =)



Anonymous said...

He's soooo your sweater too, even though I don't like green.
love mom

Jill said...

Tell him he looks "super tough". I was almost scared! ;)

How cute is that, right? My son likes to make flexing bodybuilder type poses with a crazy scary face's hilarious.