Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall is almost here

because today is the kiddies and I last day of summer. They all start school tomorrow and i go back to work. So today is a little hectic but i am trying to give them as much time as I can to just be. They were in the pool and now they are watching a movie with Grandma Upstairs (that would be my MIL, my mom is called Grandma Far Far Away - Shrek2 influenced that name) all their summer work is done, all that is left is to pack their bags (with almost $200 worth of stuff), get my stuff together and for all of us to decide what to wear tomorrow. Other then that we are just laying back.

This is what my table looks like
let the chaos begin!
from this morning when finishing touches were put on summer reading projects. Signs of things to come....

Heck I even baked cookies (and Mom-I used the kitchen aid and no weird noises maybe it is getting a 2nd wind?) I have not backed since, actually I really do not remember. Nothing like the first day of school and home made chocolate chip cookies in your lunch.
(psst... for thick fluffy cookies (my fav) refridge the dough for a few minutes before and in between batches)

My favorite flower and another sign fall is coming

These 2 flowers were picked by my girls, family will know exactly who picked which.
daughter flowera

Well that is what I have today and the timer just beep so I have to go get those cookies out.


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Karen said...

Hope you had a wonderful last day of summer. And those home-made cookies will sure hit the spot tomorrow!