Saturday, September 6, 2008

What a week and a Woohoo!!!

Wow the three days of school and work were exhausting!! I am not looking forward to this week coming 5 whole days!! We do not get a day off until the end of the month! Why yes I am missing summer (not the heat just the time)

Here is a little rant. I live in a school district with a huge budget so why do the teachers keep asking for so much freaking stuff!! After spending around $200 already I may get another supply list from the teacher on meet the teacher night this wednesday and I received a supply list from the kiddies Art teachers! There goes another $50. (my kids are in first and second btw)

Ok I am done ranting. =) Now for the woohoo's! First I have found buttons!!!! As I type they are on there way to me Yeah!!! I may actually get the wear Emerald Lady next week when the temps are suppose to drop! Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I also have a second Woohoo. Way back (like 18 months ago) the Yarn Harlot talk about this self striping yarn from Freshisle Fibers. It was water melon. It sells out as quickly as she can dye it (of course she has a job and a life so updates are about once a month) and I have not been able to catch an update before it sells out. Today I finally caught one!! I am going to have watermelon socks!!!! Here is a picture of a pair of socks she made using the yarn.

Ok I have to go get ready for TS Hanna who want to come for a visit


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Karen said...

Don't worry, I'm sure you'll adjust to your "new" schedule in no time and won't feel so tired. At least I hope so. That's crazy about the school lists - I was telling my mom what I've been reading on blogs that people have to spend and she was shocked. It sure wasn't like that when we were little!! Whoopee for the buttons - and the watermelon yarn. I've always loved that. The kiwi is cute too. :)