Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All She wants for her birthday is..

Her 2 front teeth! Well really only one so far. Drama Girl lost one of her front teeth sunday and she just looks adorable! That and she looks like she lost a fight = )
All I want for my birthday is
Today is her 6th birthday. Happy Birthday Drama Girl! I can't believe you are 6!
Happy Bday Drama Girl
Yep she was excited about ripping open her gifts = )

My buttons arrived!! They are wood, cedar to be exact and I can still smell the cedar smell. It is a pleasant light cedar smell not overpowering.

Close up

Laying on Emerald Lady

Laying because I can not find where I put the left over ball of yarn to sew them on. I cleaned everything up before Hanna arrived and I forgot where I put it, but it is safe = )

Hanna was a b&^%h. We didn't loose power but since our apartment in semi underground and we live on Long Island where the water table is like 5 feet underground Hanna's rain decided to get up close and personal. As in we were flooded. Not to bad not much was ruin but the wet vac-ing and drying and keeping up with the water pouring in was a pain in the you know where. We are 99% dried out, Hubby and I need to recover now.



Karen said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you got so flooded by Hanna. How terrible. Love your buttons - they look awesome against your sweater! I'd be jealous, but I'm not because after writing my post I took another look at that button site you send me. I'm certain I can find some awesome buttons for my sweater there - I'm thinking Celtic ones. So THANK YOU for sending along the site.

And last, but NOT least, Happy B-Day to D-Girl!!! Love the little gap in her teeth. :)

Anonymous said...

what great pics....i love the buttons and they're perfect for your sweater...

love mom

kathy b said...

Flooding is devastating. I am thrilled however, with the green sweater. IT is so lovely. Great job

Anonymous said...

Oh, but what a gorgeous sweater. And happy birthday to your little one!

Anonymous said...

The flooding really, really sucks. I'm glad you're almost dried out.