Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Field Trip!!

My Little Pre-ker went on her first field trip today!! It was to a local petting zoo/pumpkin picking/hay rides/ kids entertainment place/pony rides etc. They basically have everything you could think of to entertain kids but since this was a field trip we did the petting zoo, the hay ride then pumpkin picking.

The petting zoo was my favorite part, why you ask?
so wanted to bring them home
Alpacas (or is it Llamas?)
Llamas (or is it alpaca?)

Honestly I felt sorry for these animals. Little pens, little kids bothering them all day and dirty pens. The smell was bad. All of my kids went here on field trips over the years and it has been going down hill. They had A Zebra. Zebras are herd animals not solitary animals. Zebras also like to run and this poor thing could not run in it's small space. They have had to add other attractions to the farm to keep people coming and the animals seem to be the ones that had to give up space to make room.
On your way out they want you to buy buy buy. I know it is a family owned farm but I could not see myself supporting them anymore then the school already did.



Anonymous said...

HI Honey, what a great day you had.

did Buddha love it? Looks like you did. he he he he

Karen said...

I feel really bad for those poor animals. I hope the farm realizes what they're doing isn't fair and makes some better changes.