Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mammals (and some are famous)

Ok in this edition of Rhinebeck 08 I will be going over some of the mammals that we met.
Let's start with the human kind
I kinneared the harlot kinda
I kinneared the Harlot =)

Well kinda kinneared her. I saw her walking grabbed the camera from hubby and took a picture of her back. I know she has been on tour and has had a hectic schedule so I didn't want to bother her.

Hubby took a picture of Franklin I love his cartoons and really want his book (HINT HINT).

Well now onto the fiber kind.
Jacob sheep- one of the oldest breeds. They can have up to 6 horns.
jacob sheep
jacob sheep
they are naturally black and white and I think that is kinda cool. They look kinda like cows. =)

This girl was the softest thing I ever petted.
llama wanna come home with me?.
Llama want to come home with me?

She was sweet and let hubby take a few pictures. He was like a foot away from her face and it didn't phase her.(I finally found out the the bigger ones are the Llamas and the small ones are the alpacas.)



Mychawd said...

I loved the spotted sheep and the baby dolls were cute too. Alpacas steal the show for me. I thought this was a friendly group compaired to others I've seen at Sheep and Wools.
Enjoy your new yarns!

Karen said...

How fun!! I still haven't gotten around to posting more about Rhinebeck, but looking at your pictures take me right back there!