Monday, October 27, 2008

Rhinebeck 08 part I lost count

Hey we are folks the Fiber Part!!!!! Yeah!! Woohoo!!! Ok I need more sleep. Anyway here we go.

Creatively Dyed

Creatively Dyed Yarns. I have seen her stuff and all I have heard is great stuff. The booth was crowed could barely make a head way into it. This lovely braid of 50/50 Tencel/wool in blues and greens was right by the register and I grabbed it and payed for it and the preceded to get pushed out of the booth by the crowd.

Camel and silk
Ooooooo was all I could say when I found this roving. It is another 50/50 mix but this is silk and baby camel mix. So so so soft.
I bought it at Shadyside farm. The only down side is that I only bought 4 oz. (smacks forehead)

Lllama Down
This is natural colored Llama down. (Hubby and stepson both play war video games where you hear Man Down! every so often after we left this booth there was a lot of Llama Down!! jokes) This was my first purchase and I was happy to just stand there and snuggle with it. Over 8 oz (they were very nice and generous) of llama down bought at West Mountain Farms (already added to the 09 list)

Merino balls
2oz Merino balls (huh huh merino balls... Why yes I use to watch Bevis and Butthead) from Timbre Ridge Farms. I bought a few balls last year from them and was very happy to have found them again. I bought navy, orange, pink and purple.

Alpaca misti mountain
misti mountain
This is the only yarn I bought (can you believe it! I couldn't and kept checking my bags) Mist Mountain Farm's Prime alpaca/ Heaven! Very generous hanks - talking 665 yards here people!! and so soft and squishy. I originally wanted the dark brown but walked away from the booth. about 3 booths later I yelled at myself what was I thinking get yourself back there and buy it!! By the time I did get back (had to fight the people traffic) they only had 1 brown left but the lovely lady was putting out black so I grabbed 2.

Go Penguins!
From Black Sheep Designs a needle felting kit to make 4 penguins. My Kiddies school mascot is the penguin so I thought it would be cool to make them and use them as ornaments on our Christmas tree.

2oz of potluck from Puckerbrush farms. Last year I bought the yarn I used to make my monkey socks so I was looking out for their booth. I told the lady (forgot her name) about my socks and how the colors were wonderful. This time I bought this potluck. basically it has everything in it. This ought to be fun to spin.


This lovely stuff that looks all nice and fuzzy is Bunny!!! I stumbled (really I almost fell) into it. I bought 2 2 oz baggies. I have no idea what or how I am going to spin it but oh it will be so wonderful. I kept petting it and showing the family how soft and wonderful it was. I am kinda afraid to spin it do not want to mess it up.

Well there you have it my Rhinebeck experience of 08. I think I could totally go without buying anything until next year.(Of course if anyone should happen to give me gift certificates to yarn places I would gladly accept) I am also seriously thinking about doing just that. I have lots of stuff I want to knit and when I buy something it gets pushed further back into the stash.



bittenbyknittin said...

Bunny as in rabbit? But not angora? I would mix it with something that has a long staple. (NOT the voice of experience talking here!) I have an angora lop mix and have been saving his brushings so that once I really learn to spin, I can do that with his fur. Someday.

Karen said...

Mmmmm, it all looks so soft and pretty. I'm with you - I could easily go without buying yarn until Oct 2009. I'm going to try to do that also.

AMalwayswriting said...

The pattern would probably be completely beyond me but how do you make penguins? I love penguins and they mean a lot to me and my boyfriend (haha long story) so I would love to at least know how to make them! And possibly try. I can make teddy bears! =D