Friday, October 3, 2008

Turn me right round

baby right round round round.... Ok I just showed my age there didn't I ? Anywho I sing that song every time I think about this pattern. Turn a Square by Brooklyn Tweed. It is really cute and I used stash yarn =) always a plus.

turn a sqs

Hubby's is from the beginning of the noro silk garden skein, greys and browns. Mine used the noro after his and it has blues and purples in it. They look like I used 2 different skeins but it is only 1.

Yarns: 1 skein of noro silk garden and 1 and about half of Swish from knit picks in black.

turn a sq

I love how the rings of color turn into squares of colors. It is easily done but it looks hard, know what I mean?

A few weekends ago my mom came down for a visit and snapped a few pics of the Emerald Lady on. So here I am in it. Poses by mom. (I still think I look dorky)

feb sweater
I was trying not to laugh in the second one, hence the strange face

Tomorrow is 2 weeks until Rhinebeck!!!!!!!!


Toni said...

I loved that song!!!

And now it will be going through my head the rest of the day......

Toni--showing her age & her susceptibility to peer pressure.....

Karen said...

Those hats are so cool - and your Feb Lady is AWESOME!!!! And you don't look the least bit dorky in those pictures.

I'm counting down to Rhinebeck too - can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

I was admiring your sweater, and suddenly was going, what the heck?

I had the sound turned all the way up and your sheep had grazed. Sounds pretty funny at full blast. Thank you for the laugh!

kathy b said...

Great "squares" hat. WONDERFUL green sweater! Wow you are a talent. Came to you from Karen G.