Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Crosshatch socks

Well the crosshatchs are done! Yes it took me longer to do one toe then the rest of the 2 socks.

crosshatch socks
crosshatch sock

crosshatch toes
Can you see the difference?

I can not see the difference in the dye lots on the toes. Of course the dye lots are not what makes the toes different. I did a round toe on the first sock and when I got to the second toe I of course "knew" what I did on the first and proceeded to do a pointed toe. Yeah. Of course the first sock was sitting right by me in my bag and it would have taken a second to check but I tempted the knitting fates. It really is ok with me . The sock fit great and are keeping my feet nice and toasty as I type.



Toni said...

Oh yeah--the things I "know" are always dangerous!

I actually can't tell the difference in the pictures, so I'm not sure anyone else will ever notice. They're certainly cute! (which people will notice, I'm sure)

Karen said...

They came out great, and no, I don't notice a difference in the toes. You'll be the only one who knows the secret!!